What can we do for you?

We provide a wide range of in-house visual creative and production pipeline including motion graphics, concept design, animation, look development, 3D/CG effects, matte – painting and color grading.

LuciDigital works with outstanding CG artists and VFX compositors. We have personal relationships and friendships with some of the best VFX talents in Vietnam. We always select the best artists for your project.

We can work within existing campaigns or develop new concepts with you, manage the process from start to finish.


Pre-Production Services

Pre-Production VFX Consulting





Production On-Set VFX Supervision

Greenscreen / Bluescreen Lighting
Tracking Marker Placement
Recording of Camera Data
Lighting Image Capture (HRDI Chrome & Grey Balls)
Shooting of Lens Distortion Grids
Shooting of Reference Frames
Object Measurement / Scene Sketching
Recording of Scene Lighting Layout

Post-Production Services

3D Character AnimationPhotoreal CG
Clean-Up and Rig Removal
Scene Stabilisation
Sky Replacements
Matte Painting
Digital Set Extensions
Complex Compositing